Hurricane Harbor New Jersey to Add King Cobra Water Slide

Six Flags has already announced an immense amount of additions to their parks for the 2012 season, and even though that season is rapidly approaching, they are still announcing new attractions!!!! Today, it was announced that Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey will be building King Cobra, a water slide by Polin.

The bold orange, black and yellow scales of King Cobra do little to camouflage the thrills that await you. This unique configuration enables two tubes to race through a circular path with twists, turns and surprises through enclosed and open sections of the slide at speeds of over 30 mph.

King Cobra’s finale features a sudden, 25-foot plunge at a 50-degree angle with you racing to the finish as it appears you’re about to be swallowed by the mouth of this massive cobra.


Fun Spot USA Expansion Details

A while ago, Fun Spot USA announced they were going to be adding a monumental expansion in the upcoming years. They divulged few details, but they told us they would be building a waterpark, plus one wooden and one steel rollercoaster. Today, plans made their way to the internet explaining the layout for the overall expansion, the water park plans, plus the rollercoaster layouts. You can see the photos at the bottom of the post.

I really think the water park has potential, because the slides look to be very unique. The Splash Rally twisting mat racer, the Double BowlsEye dueling bowl slide, and the 360 Rush look very fun. Plus, I’m very happy to see new concepts still being produced.

The wooden coaster looks like it will be a GCI, based on the banked drop, and the steel seems to be a Vekoma Suspended Family coaster, both perfect fits for Fun Spot. The park has also stated they will add a shorter version of the Mondial Windseeker, already in place at several Cedar Fair parks. If all stays on schedule, everything will be ready for a 2013 opening.

Aerial Photo of Expansion Area Map of Proposed Expansion (sideways) Wooden Roller Coaster and SkyCoaster

     Aerial View               Proposed Expansion          Wooden Coaster

Suspended Family Coaster Waterpark

 Steel Coaster                  Water Park

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