Leviathan Track Complete!!!!!!

Leviathan officially joined the New for 2012 rides such as Wild Eagle and Verbolten that have completed installation of the track! This means we are all one step closer to riding this beast of a coaster. Canada’s Wonderland posted a video showing the final piece being installed between the final turn and the break run.

Leviathan Construction Update: January 24

Today Canada’s Wonderland added a few more construction pictures showing the world their impressive new B&M giga coaster, Leviathan. It looks like the intense hammerhead is done, and they are on to the second high speed curve on the return to the station, and with the brake run complete, it is only a bit longer until the track installation is complete!

Additionally, in the blog post, they draw attention to the fact that a lot of the technical work in the station, such as the pneumatic lines and electrical work.  I don’t want to jinx it, but this looks like it might be ready for opening day, unlike last year’s Green Lantern First Flight@Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Check out the full construction gallery right here.

Leviathan and Wonderland from Above

As construction proceeds, we can finally start to see what the whole ride will look like when it’s complete, and additionally how massive it is! And what better way to see the scale of things then from above! A friend of mine who owns a plane flew by Wonderland and got a photo of the park from the south. (It’s also in the gallery.) Plus, he also got a video while circling the park and let me say, because of the way it thwarts that corner of the park, the statement saying, “this is my park now,” is sort of true!

Also, if you zoom in on Leviathan, you really get a sense for how tall the camel-backs are on this ride. You can barely make out Dragon Fire, it looks tiny!


Leviathan Construction Update: December 12

Canada’s Wonderland just released a new construction update via the official site and Facebook revealing that the ride construction as reached a milestone; the “barrel roll” and high speed air-time hill are done, and they’re on to building the massive Behemoth style airtime hill. The track has almost reached the entrance!

Also, in the official post, they state “to date we have installed 50% of the track sections.” Making the installation of the hill twice as important.

Check out all the pictures here