RollerSoaker Officially Being Removed

It’s official folks, HersheyPark is removing RollerSoaker from the park, and has claimed that it will be replaced with “additional water attractions in 2013.”

roller soaker

The Setpoint suspended coaster has been at the park since 2002, and was one of two coasters built this way. But, seeing the success of the waterpark, and the low capacity of Roller Soaker, it only makes sense they’d sell it.

Kings Island to Dismantle Son of Beast

The order has been made, the shuttered wooden coaster Son of Beast at Kings Island is now set for removal. We’ve known this would probably be happening pretty much since the rides closure in 2009.

Before closure, the coaster was the first to ever wooden feature an inversion, a vertical loop about halfway through the layout, but due complications it was removed in 2006. But that wasn’t the end of SOB’s troubles, as in 2009 another injury causing incident occurred, and forced the closure of the coaster.

For 3 seasons now it has been SBNO, and many hoped to see a GCI or RMC rehab of the coaster, but the decision has finally been made to demolish the record breaking wooden coaster.