Windseekers Temporarily Down at all Cedar Fair Parks

In response to recent mechanical failures of the Knotts Berry Farm version, and previously the Carowinds version of the Windseeker tower swing ride, Cedar Fair has closed all 6 versions of the attraction

After building four prototype versions of the ride in 2011, problems arose quickly, as the opening of all versions was delayed by weeks, and for the Knotts attraction, months. The rides continue to be plagued by mechanical failures, and Windseeker downtime became an all too familiar sight at Cedar Fair parks.

The causes of these failures vary, as the Knotts closure was caused by inaccurate electrical switch readings, and previous failures have been caused by safety brake sensors, forcing activation of ride safety measures.

Although the Carowinds and Knotts failures have been the only ones to make recent headlines, there have been numerous other instances like this with the Cedar Point, Canada’s Wonderland, Kings Dominion, but supposedly not at Kings Island, says the a park spokesperson.

It is unknown when Windseeker tower rides will reopen, but currently, the Knotts version is under heavy investigation.