Cedar Point vs, Six Flags Great America?

I has become obvious to me, that although the Six Flags Magic Mountain-Cedar Point rivalry still stands, a new rivalry is beginning to emerge; a Cedar Point-Six Flags Great America battle. Seeing as Great America is the closest non-Cedar Fair big-ticket park, it only makes sense that they’d be going at it.

From the 2011 to 2013 seasons, both parks will have opened their own;

  • Waterpark expansions

In 2011, Six Flags Great America opened Riptide bay, the first major expansion to their relatively new waterpark. Feature 4 capsule drop slides, a Proslide Tantrum, and a surf simulator, it’s a great add-on to Hurricane Harbour.

One year later, Cedar Point built a Proslide Octopus Racer, called Dragster H2O, as well as repainting many other slides to give the area a fresh new feel.

  • Night-time show 

2012 was a big year at the Point, as not only did they open their new waterpark mat racer, and Dinosaurs Alive, but the big new attraction is their night-time experience, Luminosity; Ignite the Night! Featuring live dancers, music, and new lighting packages on Power Tower, Giant Wheel, and Millenium Force. This new show really lights up “the point”

Meanwhile, Six Flags Great America has bounced back with their similarly named night-time show, IGnight: the Grand Finale, and it promises to be an exhilarating spectacle to end a day at the park. Many descriptions say it will include some pyrotechnics, and if they cheap out on them, I know I’m not going to be the only one disappointed.

  • Wing Coasters 

Although the B&M wing coaster model only made it’s debut a couple of years ago, they’re really starting to be a hit with parks, (and guests,) as for the 2012 season, 3 parks built new wing coasters, with one of the being Six Flags Great America with X-Flight!

But, in 2013, Cedar Point will open Gatekeeper, their record breaking wing coaster. This one will take records for world’s tallest, and fastest wing coaster, and is stealing X-Flight’s trademark key-hole openings, with zero-g roll fly-overs of the front entrance.

Who knows, if this trend continues, we may end up seeing the removal of Six Flags Great America’s observation tower, in favour of a Sky Screamer? Or maybe an up charge walk-through attraction? If anything, competition stimulates growth, and come on, wing coasters, night-time spectaculars and water park expansions all in three years? Sounds like a competition to me!

2012 Attraction Removals

As the major announcement dates for 2013 coasters come nearer, I’m starting to see something unfortunate happen at many parks, COASTER REMOVAL. Now, I know the world we’re in, the old must make room for the new. Here are a few current, newsworthy examples.

Cedar Point

It has been long known, and disliked that Cedar Point was planning to remove Disaster Transport and the Space Spiral observation tower rides to make room for the park`s 2013 coaster Gatekeeper, but sadly those plans have come through as both rides have seen their last days of operation.

Kings Island

Yes I know, this has been commented on before here on PureCoaster, (read my other post here.) In short, Son of Beast has been SBNO since 2009, and although many enthusiasts were hoping for a refurb, it is now slated for demolition.

Six Flags Over Texas

It was just announced that Six Flags Over Texas will be closing 2 attractions on September 3rd. One of these is the park`s boomerang Flashback, which will supposedly be rotated to another Six Flags park for the 2013 season. However, the news that a second ride will be closing really saddens me, as that ride is Flashback`s neighbour Texas Chute Out, certainly a classic ride and seeing that there aren`t a lot of parachute towers out there, this ride will be missed.

Six Flags New England

Although nothing`s been confirmed, but rumour has it that Six Flags New England will be saying goodbye to their sky coaster Taz`s Daredevil Dive to make room for what will supposedly be the world`s tallest tower swing ride. The park has been granted an exception to the current height limit to build a tower swing similar to the SkyScreamers at other Six Flags parks, except the proposed height would be 400ft tall.

Despite the removals, I’m really excited to see what the amusement industry has to show us for next season. Keep checking PureCoaster for news on 2013 coasters!

2nd Photo by Six Flags Over Texas

What is Cedar Point Up To for 2013?

Cedar Point hasn’t put in a new coaster since Maverick in 2007, and every year since then, rumors have circulated saying that Cedar Point would be building a new coaster for the upcoming season. Earlier this year, we learned that Cedar Point would be removing Wildcat from the park, in order to encorperate an “expansion to Celebration Plaza.” But, in a recent turn of events, we may be seeing that new rumored coaster come to fruition very soon. Recently, we’ve learned from the Sandusky Register that the park plans on investing a monumental $25 million on a record-breaking, 170ft tall B&M wing coaster, and restructuring the entrance.

However, with this news came a bit of sadness for some, (and me,) as the memo by Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet to Cedar Point’s board of directors clearly states,

Disaster Transport and the Space Spiral both would have to come down if the site plan currently under consideration is chosen.

Now, this is a bit of a “deja vu” for me as the park did in fact remove White Water Landing to build Maverick, but surely the park can find a way around removing such classic rides like Disaster Transport, (arguably the park’s only dark ride,) and the Space Spiral observation tower!

Just the other day, the Facebook page Keep space spiral at cedar point posted this rendering of a possible layout for the new wing coaster, and if this really is the layout, I can see that it WILL impact the park’s entrance like Leviathan does at Canada’s Wonderland, but oddly it doesn’t seem to impact Space Spiral at all, and yet it it slotted for removal.

Additionally,  if the entrance were to be pushed over towards the beach, both Disaster Transport and Space Spiral could be kept! Or, if the layout were to change just a little, Space Spiral’s location could be used as the entrance, and the observation tower could just be relocated like Ocean Motion was for Windseeker!

So in short, the park already removed Wildcat, dropping the park’s coaster count to 16, and now they’re planning to remove Disaster Transport AND Space Spiral, all for rumored coaster? Maybe we’ll see more than this wing coaster next year? Either way, something weird is in the works at Cedar Point for 2013.

One final point I have to make is that many, (like me,) are opposed to the removal of Space Spiral and Disaster Transport from Cedar Point, so there are a bunch of Facebook pages dedicated to raising awareness of the situation! Check out Save-Disaster-Transport-and-Space-Spiral-at-Cedar-Point on Facebook right now!!!

Cedar Point’s Wildcat Closing for Celebration Plaza Expansion

As mentioned in PureCoaster’s previous post “When will Cedar Point Build a New Coaster”, Cedar Fair’s flagship park hasn’t built a new coaster since Maverick in 2007, but today they announced that they would be removing the classic WildCat roller coaster from the park’s Celebration Plaza. You can read more at Coasterblog

A while back, Screamscape posted photos of the mysterious green wing coaster track at B&M’s Ohio plant, is this track destined for Cedar Point on Place of WildCat?

Is the removal of this…..

….leading to this?

When will Cedar Point Build a New Coaster?


New Coaster for 2013?

Cedar Point, previously marketed as “The Roller Coaster Capitol of the World” hasn’t built a new roller coaster since 2007, when the park opened Maverick, an Intamin LSM coaster. Since then, the park’s parent company Cedar Fair has made multiple investments at other parks and opened rides such as Behemoth, Diamondback, and Intimidator 305. However, Cedar Point, the company’s flagship park has suffered one of the longest coaster-less periods since Corkscrew made it’s debut at the park in 1975.

But, as Cedar Point has gone coaster-less for 5 seasons, the park’s main competitor Six Flags Magic Mountain has been quick to pounce, and has added 3 coasters in the past 3 seasons. In fact last year, they successfully claimed the title of having the most roller coasters in one park, with 18 coasters. But as soon as they claimed the title, they mysteriously removed Deja Vu from the park’s collection, and shipped it off to Six Flags New England. Rumors spread about the park adding a launch coaster similar to Maverick at the location of the now defunct Log Jammer, having the park reclaim the title, but they are just rumours. Currently the park’s total sits at 17, equal to that of Cedar Point.

Having gone coaster-less for so long, do you think the Cedar Point will make a comeback in 2013 and add a new coaster to its arsenal? Who knows, maybe the park will pull a “Magic Mountain” and add not one, but two coasters in one season to swiftly take the crown. But in the end, the question is still the same, will the park add a new coaster for 2013? Only time will tell.