Reverse Mr. Freeze for 2013?

It looks like Superman: The Escape isn’t the only coaster to be reworked by Six Flags with backwards launches, according to Screamscape, we might see the Mr. Freeze coasters launching reversed trains in 2013 season.

Recent rumours state that next year, at Six Flags St.Louis and Six Flags Over Texas, the Mr Freeze coasters will be launching trains backwards. Currently, both rides are closed, and as stated below by Screamscape, something is definitely brewing for next year.

Guests to visited SFOT over the weekend for the start of that market’s Spring Break, confirmed that not only was Mr. Freeze closed, but there was a sign at the entrance of the closed ride stating that there would be an exciting announcement coming soon.

Based on what we saw a few years ago at Six Flags Magic Mountain, with the mysterious ride closure and the sign outside the ride saying “Something BIG is happening at Superman: The Escape” plus the fact that both parks haven’t seen a brand new coaster since 2008, I think everything is right on track for us to be seeing a Mr Freeze: Reverse Blast at both Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags Over Texas in the near future

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