“New for 2013” Coasters

Park Manufacturer Name Status
1 Silver Dollar City RMC Outlaw Run Open
2 Cedar Point B&M Gatekeeper Open
3 California’s Great America GCI Gold Striker Open
4 Fun Spot USA GCI White Lightning Open
5 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Maurer Sohne Undertow Yup, we’re still waiting
6 Etnaland Mack Rides The Storm Testing
7 Six Flags St. Louis Vekoma Boomerang Open
8 Six Flags Magic Mountain Premier Full Throttle Open
9 Six Flags Fiesta Texas RMC Iron Rattler Currently Closed
10 Six Flags Mexico Gerstlauer Joker Open
11 Alton Towers Gerstlauer Smiler Currently Closed
12 Knotts Berry Farm Mack Coast Rider Open
13 Fun Spot USA Vekoma Freedom Fighter Open

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