North American 2012 Coasters

Leviathan: Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland has received a amazing coaster with many firsts. Including B&M’s first giga coaster, (300ft+,) and Canada’s first giga coaster. This 306ft giant is the tallest, fastest, and longest ride in the park.

Status: Open

Verbolten: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

A few years ago, the famed Big Bad Wolf suspended coaster was shut down and removed, hopefully this Zierer multi-launch coaster will live up to that legacy. This ride, with the tag line, “Brave the Black Forest” will include mulitple launches and a pitch black indoor section. Launches will reach an intense 53mph.

Status: Open

Manta: Seaworld San Diego

Following in suit with the other Seaworld/Busch parks, the San Diego aquatic park will be constructing the Manta launch coaster. Built by MACK Rides, (the people behind Blue Fire,) we have high hopes for this one. Reaching 43 mph, it will be the fastest roller coaster in the park.

Status: Open

Wild Eagle: Dollywood

Advertised as “America’s first wing coaster” and boasting a classic B&M layout, this one’s sure to impress. Featuring four colossal inversions, and stunningly detailed trains,  it is the single largest investment by the park.

Status: Open

Skyrush: Hershey Park

Hopefully following suit to the other Intamin Megas, Skyrush looks sure to please. Plenty of speed, airtime, and with unique winged seats, it’s one of a kind.

Status: Open

X-Flight: Six Flags Great America

After shipping away  Iron Wolf, many suspected the classic would be replaced by a hot new B&M Wingrider, and they were right. X-Flight, featuring a pre-drop barrel roll, and key-hole openings, it is a welcome addition the park.

Status: Open

Superman Ultimate Flight: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

A Premier Skyloop, featuring one of the worl’s highest inversions, it will replace Pandemonium, and add a whole lot more thrill to the park. With a  launch of 62mph, it will rival Medusa for the park’s star attraction.

Status: Open

Goliath: Six Flags New England

One of the few Vekoma GIBs has a new name and a new home, as Goliath at Six Flags New England.

Status: Open

Apocalypse: Six Flags America

Relocated from Six Flags Great America, B&M’s first coaster will be recieving a new paint job, and name.

Status: Open

Stinger: Dorney Park

A relocated Inverted Boomerang with new paint and new 4 across Premier trains, is the replacement for Laser at Dorney Park.

Status: Open

Mr Freeze Reverse Blast: Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags St Louis

The popular Mr Freeze coaster will be launching trains backwards starting this spring!

Six Flags Over Texas Status: Open

Six Flags St Louis Status: Open


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