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And now, I leave you with some cool coaster pics from my latest trip to CW, RIP 2012 season 😦

2 New Night-time Spectaculars

A night-time show show has always been the perfect way to end a day at a park, and as the available technology increases, we see shows get more and more elaborate, entertaining, and in short; more spectacular! This year, two major new night-time spectaculars have made their debut. Disneyland Paris’ Disney Dreams, and Universal Studios Florida’s Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular: 100 Years of Movie Memories are both absolutely mind blowing shows, but I’m putting them up against each other on three criteria: the Storyline, Water Effects, and of course, Pyro. At the end of the day, we’ll find the superior spectacular! If you haven’t seen one of these amazing shows, check out the following videos:


While Disney Dreams has a very “Disney” storyline of Peter Pan’s shadow leaking the second star to the right’s magic and an underlying theme of dreams, Universal’s almost seemed like a huge advertisement for the company’s movie division. It’s similar to World of Colour in the sense that it just shows a lot of clips, and there isn’t a real plot to it.

EDGE: Disney Dreams

Water Effects:
Both shows utilise the latest in fountain and water screen technology, and when marketing these two shows, the fountains have always seemed to be the primary focus. But with Universal’s show, when the screens aren’t being projected onto, because they drop water downward, they can create the illusion of movie film, or other amazing effects that overall add to the experience.
EDGE: Universal
Both shows use pyro, and I’m really glad they do. I’m definetly for using as many mediums as possible in a show, (it makes them way more exciting,) but in the end it comes down to one thing; who used more? Whilst Universal used it every once and a while to highlight certain moments, Disney Dreams seems to launch fireworks like there’s no tomorrow, throwing them in whenever possible, (which I actually quite like.)
EDGE: Disney Dreams
Final Result:
As a park-goer, I love night-time spectaculars and they are a great way to end a day at any park, but between these two shows, it’s obvious which one is superior. Disney Dreams had a basic storyline, great pyro, and varied effects, while Universal cheeped out on effects, and overall it felt like a huge advertisement asides from actually trying to end a guests day with a smile. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for night-time spectaculars, and Universal’s doesn’t disappoint, but in the end, Disney Dreams won the battle, and honestly, I would rather end a day with Disney Dreams, over Universal Cinematic Spectacular.

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New life for Kentucky Kingdom?

Since it’s closure in 2010, there have been few attempts to reopen to Kentucky Kingdom. However, familiar faces look to possibly pump new life into the park. The Koch family, already in ownership of the successful Holiday World, have expressed interest in adding the Kentucky park to their portfolio.

The Indiana family, released this statement on Monday Jan. 16th, “When Kentucky Kingdom closed, the Kochs expressed interest in learning more about options for the park’s future. The process is still in the fact-finding stage, and no decisions have been made whether to further pursue the opportunity.”

The Kentucky State Fair Board is desperate to re-open the park, but with most of it’s major rollercoasters removed, it will take some time, and cash to revive it.

Seaworld Orlando 2012/2013 Announcement

The next couple of years promise many new attractions for the Seaworld/Busch brand, but the recently announced Seaworld Orlando experiences may be the icing on the cake.

Today, at Seaworld Orlando, they announced a 3 attraction expansion to the ever evolving resort.

In 2012 the park’s guests will be able to experience Turtle Trek, and Discovery Cove will unveil the Fresh Water Oasis. Additionally, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin will replace Penguin Encounter.

Turtle Trek: Featuring massive turtle and manatee habitats and face-to-face encounters true to Seaworld’s tradition. But the real treat will be the new, first of it’s kind, completely immersive, 3D 360 degree dome theatre with a film “showcasing a sea turtle’s epic and astounding journey.”


Freshwater Oasis: At Discovery Cove, following the Grand Reef, will be an encounter with otters and marmots in a “relaxing tropical setting.” With lush foliage and glistening waterways, it will be “a natural fit within Discovery Cove’s tropical vibe.”


Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin: Little has been released about this attraction, however it will feature “state-of-the-art interactive ride technologies”  that will immerse guests in the beautiful, and mysterious Antarctic habitat.