The New Revolution Coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2016

Six Flags Magic Mountain is restoring a classic to it’s former glory: The New Revolution.

The world’s first 360-degree looping coaster will undergo a dramatic and nostalgic transformation this winter, as Revolution becomes The New Revolution. After the ride’s closure on September 7th, the ride will reopen in 2016 with a revitalized theme, fresh paint job and colour scheme of blue and white, with the crown jewel for coaster fans being brand new trains with lap-bar restraints.

The new train features a gorgeous design of Americana red, white and blue as well as the removal of the much lamented over the shoulder restraint system, in favour of a new lap-bar and calf restraint system, (likely similar to designs on Rocky Mountain Construction trains.) All in all this will provide a smoother ride experience with increased airtime and an open feel. In an era of increasingly intense and innovative rides, The New Revolution will ensure that Revolution’s story continues so park guests can experience the original looping coaster as it was meant to be.


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