The Joker RMC Hybrid Coaster Coming to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2016

The latest Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid coaster The Joker is coming to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2o16.

After finding incredible success with previous Rocky Mountain Construction installations, Six Flags is bringing the famed Iron Horse treatment to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with The Joker. Taking over for the GCI wooden coaster Roar, The Joker features multiple inversions, 15 airtime moments, high speeds and an unbelievably ride experience.

  • 3,200 feet of dual-colored purple and green track
  • First ever step-up under flip
  • 3 inversions
  • A wild Zero G barrel roll
  • Breaking wave turn
  • 15 extreme airtime moments
  • 78 degree drop
  • 180 degree stall
  • Maximum speeds of 53 mph
  • Nearly 2 minutes long
  • (2) 24 passenger trains
  • 100-feet tall

-For full details check out

Following the success of the park’s first DC comics ride Superman Ultimate Flight, The Joker roller coaster serves as a complete makeover of Roar, a GCI wooden coaster from 1999 which was recently closed to become The Joker. In this incarnation of the ride, a dual-coloured steel track follows a wicked layout of twists and turns and follows in Rocky Mountain Construction tradition of crazy inversions and ride elements, (in this case a breaking wave turn and a step-up under flip.) The Joker will open at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2016.

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