Incredible Hulk Coaster To Undergo Massive Refurbishment

One of Universal Orlando’s marquee attractions is about to get a major facelift, and it’s about time.


The Incredible Hulk Coaster at Islands of Adventure will close September 8th to begin an extended period of refurbishment and renovation. The attraction will receive additions to the overall story, ride vehicles and general experience. The Incredible Hulk Coaster is expected to open in time for summer 2016.


Exact specifics on what this renovation will entail have not been disclosed, but we’re expecting to see new trains with onboard audio as well as a replacement of the launch mechanism. Rumors have circulated about  a possible replacement of the track given the condition of the ride, and the approximate 9 month time frame does yield that possibility.


It will be nice to the ride get some elbow grease as it’s been criticized for providing a relatively rough ride experience, and given that the ride has experienced very little downtime since opening in 1999 hopefully this refurbishment will restore the ride to remain relevant in the increasingly competitive Orlando theme park market.

6 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk Coaster To Undergo Massive Refurbishment

  1. Mm…I wonder…there are rumors that Disney want to open up a Marvel part in their park. Until now I was wondering how this is even possible if other parks have the licence for a lot of Marvel characters. But perhaps the licences are ending? Or Disney bought them back? So that they now have to rename the Incredible Hulk Coaster?

    • Based on what I’ve heard the theme is staying the same, and if anything this reinforces the fact that Universal is continuing with Marvel at Islands of Adventure.

      • Nah, they do a new land in California…but they revealed yesterday on the D23 that it will be Star Wars land.
        Too bad….I would love Disney creating a Marvel themed area.

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