Shockwave at Kings Dominion To Close on August 9th

Cedar Fair appears to be in the process of cleansing their parks of stand-up  coasters, and after the loss of Skyrider,Mantis as well as the impending renovation of Vortex at California’s Great America, Shockwave at Kings Dominion appears to be the next to bite the dust as the park announced that the stand-up coaster which was added to the park in 1986 will give its last rides on August 9th 2015, marking the end of a 29 year legacy for the ride.

In a statement issued by the park’s Vice President and General Manager Pat Jones,

While it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to one of our older coasters, we’re excited for what the future holds. The park has evolved so much over the past 40 years and as Kings Dominion continues to grow, we’re committed to enhancing the overall experience for our guests. We’re happy that Shockwave was able to provide close to three decades of memories.

In it’s 29 year history at the park, the roller coaster has given over 22 million rides. Given that Skyrider at Canada’s Wonderland was closed and promptly sold to an overseas buyer last year, I would not be surprised to see the same happen to Shockwave after the ride’s August 9th closure. Some enthusiasts think that this removal is to clear room for future expansion of the Candy Apple Grove section of the park, but it could also be due to rising maintenance costs and decreasing ridership. The park has stated that they intend on making an additional statement regarding the removal of Shockwave in late August.


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