Twisted Colossus Grand Opening and First Impressions

Six Flags Magic Mountain is the self proclaimed “Thrill Capital of the World,” and with a ride like Twisted Colossus in the lineup that title is even more secure than ever before.

A longtime gripe about the Southern California coaster landscape has always been that it lacked high speed airtime. There are lots of fast rides, lots of tall rides, lots of looping rides, but up until the opening of Twisted Colossus there was no real airtime. I’m happy to say that said void has been filled with one heck of a ride. Twisted Colossus is the Rocky Mountain Construction makeover of the classic Colossus wooden coaster, which to its credit was already an iconic coaster. Take a look at what other enthusiasts had to say about the Twisted Colossus:

Twisted Colossus I’m telling you, is a CRAZY Twisted Airtime-Machine, and is definitely among the most spectacular rides on earth.  – California Coaster Kings

There are only a handful of coasters that merit my top rating of five stars. Twisted Colossus now joins them. – Arthur Levine About Thee Parks

Six Flags Magic Mountain has hit it out of the park with this coaster – The Coaster Guy

Twisted Colossus is the dueling/racing coaster of the 21st century, with interaction between tracks on a never-before-seen level. After leaving the station, the set of low to the ground twisting airtime hills that proved amazingly popular on Iron Rattler before it. The climb yields sweeping views of the surrounding landscape and coaster layout, before both trains drop down into a high speed air hill and they enter the first show-stopping element: the high five flyby.

The high five was first introduced on a Gravity Group wooden coaster in China, and is on display in full effect on Twisted Colossus, and is one of three epic interaction elements of the coaster. The placement of the flyby makes for some intense directional changes, and leads right into two back-to-back elements where one train flies directly over the other, one a now RMC staple hanging stall, and the other a complete zero-g roll. This level of dueling is unprecedented since the now not dueling Dragon Challenge/Dueling Dragons at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

You might be thinking that the coaster is the only thing worth talking about here, and if you are the you’d be wrong, as Six Flags and it’s partners went out of their way to theme the surrounding area into the brand new “Screampunk District” which encompasses a theatre, sandwich shop, Twisted Colossus and a repainted Scream! This kind of revitalization project was evidently needed in this corner of the park, and it makes me wish more regional parks would invest in simple theming as it can really make a huge difference.

Six Flags has been on a roll lately with new attractions, especially when taking into account their Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark rides and RMC Iron Horse coasters, but Twisted Colossus takes the entire Six Flags mentality to a whole new level, and makes me even more excited for what the future holds for the amusement park chain.


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