King Kong Returning to Universal Orlando in Skull Island: Reign of Kong

The ride’s name might be a mouthful but a King Kong ride is hype enough.

340-poster-blogThat’s right, after months, (and I mean months,) of construction and intense speculation Universal has unleashed the beast of King Kong, with the announcement of an all new King Kong attraction coming to Islands of Adventure in 2016.

Universal has been on a roll lately, with insane amounts of new attractions, food and merchandise, hotels and hopefully a new waterpark at the Orlando theme park resort. After the 2014 opening of the smash hit Diagon Alley every theme park fan worth their annual pass asked “What’s next?” Well in a word: this. King Kong has been a Universal classic since the 1933 original film, and saw his first attraction as part of the Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood in 1986. Kongfrontation followed at Universal Studios Florida and became a fan favourite attraction that ended up falling in the name of progress to make space for Revenge of the Mummy.

Skull-Island-Reign-of-Kong-Entrance_LR_ADJ-croppedOver a decade later, the King is returning to Orlando, this time at Islands of Adventure next to Jurassic Park.This attraction, dubbed Skull Island:Reign of Kong ties is expected to tie in heavily with the ongoing film saga surrounding Skull Island and King Kong. In this case the attraction will be both indoors and outdoors, and riders will board “revolutionary ride vehicles” to go on an exploratory expedition of the island.


If you ask me, I’m going to guess that this will bare some similarities to not only attractions like Jurassic Park River Adventure and Journey to the Center of the Earth as far as storytelling goes. In this attraction, as well as the ones stated above, you will start off on an exploratory mission only to be bombarded by strange creatures, and then at the climax meeting a giant, intimidating animatronic figure, (in this case King Kong.) While the classic formula might be a bit tired, it’s classic because it works. Journey to the Center of the Earth is one of the most beloved theme park attractions in the world, and based on the scale of the sets and the hyperbole used to describe Reign of Kong, it might just take a stab at the throne itself.

Skull Island:Reign of Kong is due to open Summer 2016 along with the new Sapphire Falls “moderate” resort at Universal Orlando. 2016 is shaping up to be yet another record year for Orlando theme parks, so stay tuned to PureCoaster social media to keep up with the latest theme park news.




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