Impulse Grand Opening and First Impressions

Knoebels has long been an iconic park among coaster enthusiasts and locals alike, and with Impulse the park may just have it’s greatest hit yet.


The small family owned pay-per-ride park has a classic collection of wooden coasters, and recently opened their Flying Turns coaster, (which had been giving the park headaches since 2006.) Impulse marks the parks’ foray into larger, more modern steel coasters spearheaded by the latest generation of Knoebels. Fans descended upon the park to check out Impulse for the first time, and here’s what they had to say about the new coaster:

The elements are so much fun as you’re twisting through them… We are beyond impressed. – All-American Thrills

Great fun! Fast and smooth! – NewsPlusNotes Twitter

Impulse has lots of little G-force “kicks” throughout the layout that make it really interesting and fun. – ThemeParkReview User A.J.

Impulse is a Euro-Fighter style coaster by Zierer, the same manufacturer as the well regarded Wicked at Lagoon. In similar fashion Impulse features a compact layout filled with large inversions, and helix turns to provide a balanced and exciting ride experience.


What is a party without cake? © Knoebels Facebook

What does Impulse look like to me? An amazing step in a new direction for Knoebels as it continues to grow and evolve. The opening of Impulse combined with the 2013 opening of the much anticipated Flying Turns have only increased the popularity of the once small park, and I’m anxiously awaiting what their next move will be.


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