Cedar Fair Overhauls Corporate Website

After taking the reigns of the regional theme park company in 2011, CEO Matt Ouimet has been on a mission to revitalize the image of the company from what previous CEO Dick Kinzel had created, and the revamped Cedar Fair website does a lot to accomplish that in the eyes of many.

Matt Ouimet had a vision to make Cedar Fair a more family oriented company, and has been working closely with other arms of the company to achieve that. New slogans, more theming in attractions, heck even dark rides! This new website for corporate Cedar Fair, along with a new logo.


Left: Old Logo                                                                                                                                   Right: New Logo

The logo personally reminds me of the refreshed Busch Gardens logos with the mangled coaster track. I’m personally a huge fan of the cool colours used throughout the aesthetic redesign, as well as the new bold navy blue font. The website also features lots of modern graphics as well as animated coaster track with trains that periodically pass by. All of this speaks to a more modern, sophisticated yet youthful, and of course fun vibe.

What’s interesting to me is why bother working on the corporate site? I have two possible reasons:

As A Test

Companies test things all the time, and usually in small applications to get a feel for what popular opinion on the change/addition is. This change in aesthetic could lead to a redesign from the Apple-esque layouts seen on most park websites, and the very plain/nondescript park icons currently used chain wide.

For the Investors

Most of us don’t realize how important investors are to public companies, (to be honest even I don’t truly understand it.) However, keeping shareholders happy is vital to the success and continued growth and prosperity of any public company. Since there will be a lot of shareholders visiting this website it’s important that it remain fresh and up to date.

This might seem like a lot of discussion about something as paltry as a website, but it’s an interesting look into the future of the company and it’s 14 parks. How exactly this will affect them? We will hopefully see in the near future.

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