Twisted Colossus Now Complete at Six Flags Magic Mountain

After what feels like the longest coaster construction project in years, track installation on Twisted Colossus is finally done.

TwistedColossus- RMCFbThe massive 4,990ft long loop of track is now done, as advertised by manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction’s social media pages. While the 121ft tall lift structure has been complete for a few months now, work has been strenuous on the dueling and inverting elements, which in their complete form look absolutely amazing.

TwistedColossus- RMCFB2One of the unique dueling elements, (as pictured below,) is sure to be stunning in person as the trains intertwine in a mess of wood and steel. The completed element very closely resembles a ride rendering which resonated with enthusiasts upon it’s release back in August.

TwistedColossus- RMCFB4What is looking to be one of the greatest hybrid coasters ever made is one step closer to being open for the public to ride. Trains are already on site and ride testing will hopefully begin soon!

*Construction Photos © Rocky Mountain Construction Facebook


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