Canada’s Wonderland Announces MORE 2015 Additions

Cedar Fair has been unloading surprise after surprise lately, and that remains true for Toronto based Canada’s Wonderland.


Fans have known that the park will be receiving new waterslides and play areas in the Splash Works waterpark this season, and haven’t been expecting much more, (besides speculation and hype for the 2016 attraction.) On the contrary, the park has unveiled a series of new shows, events, and even attractions for the rapidly approaching 2015 season!

For starters, via Twitter Vice President of Marketing & Sales Dave Phillips teased, (so basically announced,) that the park will be the 3rd Cedar Fair park to add a Slingshot attraction in 2 years, after Cedar Point and Carowinds.


It looks to be the same model made by Funtime, with the same colour scheme that we’ve already seen. In our case we suspect that it will be located on the hill across from Windseeker that backs onto International Showplace.

Speaking of International Showplace, the park has announced a plethora of new shows going into International Showplace throughout the year. Here’s a breakdown of the shows and when they’ll be playing:

  • The Woofjocks Canine All Stars (May 16-18, 23-24, & 30-31
    June 6-7, 13-14, & 20-25)

The WoofJocks Canine All Stars are a high-energy dog/handler performance team specializing in interactive games and demonstrations of canine agility

  • West Coast Lumberjack Show (June 27 – July 12)

Internationally recognized for their daredevil lumberjack skills… these lumberjacks will entertain guests of all ages while competing in Log Rolling, Tree Climbing, Axe Throwing, Chainsaw Carving, and more.

  • Chinese Acrobats (July 14 – August 3)

The Chinese Acrobats will showcase their amazing displays of contortion, flexibility, and control as they push the envelope of human possibility

  • Ultimate Thrills Circus (August 5 – August 23)

A spectacular live action experience, the Ultimate Thrills Circus will feature the Cybertron Motorcycle, Russian Swing, Aerial Ring, Wheel of Destiny and the insanities of circus clown – Renaldo.

  • Xtreme Wheels Stunt Shown (August 25 – September 7)

The Craz-E-Crew stunt team will take over International Showplace and perform their world class skills, and incredible tricks on BMX bikes, skateboards, inline skates and next-generation pogo sticks.

In my experience, this is an unprecedented move. The park is planning to rotate acts throughout the summer season, with new performers coming in approximately every 2-3 weeks. As a passholder I am absolutely in love with this idea, by continuously changing the entertainment offerings it keeps the park’s lineup fresh, and provides something new for repeat visitors. Plus, I have to give kudos for the sheer variety of events, with each providing unique experiences for park guests.

As if this wasn’t enough, to compliment the new waterpark attractions Canada’s Wonderland is installing new VIP cabanas in Splash Works with plenty of amenities. These will be 10ftx10ft cabanas, with numerous lounge chairs, a minifridge and tv, (similar to those offered at other Cedar Fair parks.) Based on what other parks have done, I’d wager that these cabanas will be located on either side of the wave pool. Cabanas have proven to be successful at loads of parks around the world, and are a welcome addition the Splash Works.


© Google Maps

Then the icing on the cake is added special events in the park throughout the year, including a Food Truck Festival, Oktoberfest, and a Camp Spooky Petting Zoo. All things considered, these are small,  but certainly significant additions for a park in it’s “off year” as far as new attractions go. I’ll be sure to check out as many of these events and attractions this season, so be sure to follow us on Twitter to receive the latest updates.


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