Fury 325 Grand Opening and First Impressions

Cedar Fair and Bolliger&Mabillard have a long history of build new coasters of epic proportions, and lately they’ve been hitting it out of the park with smash hit rides like Leviathan, Gatekeeper and Banshee. 2015 brought yet another collaboration, culminating in the much hyped Fury 325 at Carowinds, capping off a multi-year, $50 million renovation of the park.


The latest, (and possibly greatest,) B&M giga coaster opened to the media today, and although I personally couldn’t attend numerous theme park media outlets were there to check it out and all had great things to say:

 It had everything I love about roller coasters. The height. The speed. The smooth ride. The ejector air. What more could you want? – Coaster101

Those brave enough to tackle Fury’s awe-inspiring 325-foot peak will be rewarded with a speedy, twisted ride… – TheCoasterCritic

Overall, great ride! Fury 325 will thrill the pants off day guests – ThemeParkReview

A butter smooth coaster that has several fantastic elements while maintaining great speeds. – All American Thrills (Twitter)

All I can say at this point is: wow. Fury 325 and the surrounding improvements have forever changed the face of Carowinds in a way like few other projects ever have. While most of the media’s attention is on Fury 325, there are a surprising amount of people skipping over the completely different experience of coming to the park. Patrons are greeted by a new toll structure, freshly expanded parking lot, and a whole new front gate and surrounding esplanade. Not to mention the fact that there’s an absolute beast of a coaster looming over the entrance and even interacting with the new bridge and tunnel structures. Cedar Fair has been on a roll lately with park entrance revitalization across the chain and they haven’t shown any sign of stopping.

Everyone was expecting for the park to bring it’s A-Game, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Fury 325 has redefined Carowinds in the eyes of coaster enthusiasts, and will serve as a backbone for many new attractions coming soon, (Cedar Fair Vice President of Planning and Design Rob Decker was keen to point out that the park’s 2016 attraction will “make a big splash”)

The effort that went into making Fury 325 and the entrance renovation a success is astounding, as it has effectively transformed the park. The influence of CEO Matt Ouimet is evident, as the insect theming of the ride’s station, store and marquee really unify the ride, along with the much talked about lighting package. I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the most themed attractions Cedar Fair has ever produced, and with new attractions like Voyage to the Iron Reef opening soon they haven’t shown any signs of stopping. Cedar Fair is on a roll, and if rumors are to be believed Fury 325 is just the start of an amazing next few seasons for Carowinds and the rest of the chain.



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