Cedar Point Announces More 2015 Changes

Turns out that 2015 at Cedar Point will bring much more than Rougarou and a revamped Hotel Breakers, as the park announced a plethora of changes happening at the park for the rapidly approaching 2015 season during the annual Winter Chillout enthusiast event.

The bulk of these changes are occurring around the Good Time Theatre, which is already being demolished. Dodgem, (Cedar Point’s bumper cars,) which were previously located directly in front of the theatre are being relocated to the Wicked Twister midway. The new building is already under construction and is located directly next to MaXair. Sir Rub-A-Dub’s Tubs and Kiddie Kartz have been removed in order to make room for Dodgem. Following Dodgem to the Wicked Twister midway is Calypso, which will be placed directly in front of Wicked Twister and will take on the name Tiki Twirl. In sadder news, the park’s Turnpike Cars will be retired, freeing up a large swath of land stretching from the former location of Wildcat, all the way down to Blue Streak.

In other unexpected news, Maverick will be recieving new, softer Intimidator 305-style restraints, replacing the often complained about solid system used since the attraction’s opening in 2007. PureCoaster has learned that Maverick’s restraints are replaced every few years as per maintenance routine, and this time the park opted to buy a different style.


Capping off the news was the unveiling of the trains for Rougarou. Attendees became among the first to sit in the brand new train, which utilize the tried and true floorless design used on popular coasters like Kraken, Hydra:The Revenge and Dominator.

Now, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the ride removal and relocation plans fall in line with the heavily rumored $15 million Cedar Point Dive coaster, which would open in this spot for the 2016 season. As a previous doubter of this rumor, things are certainly looking more and more plausible that this coaster will be built in the coming years. Also, given Cedar Fair’s dedication towards revitalizing park entrances, the rumored 2016 project could also involve a renovation of the Marina gate and the surrounding area. All in all, these announcements are proving to be very supportive of future developments in this section of the park, and will serve as the location for the park’s latest and greatest attractions in the coming years.


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