Voyage to the Iron Reef Interactive Dark Ride Surfacing at Knotts in 2015

After the success that has been Wonder Mountain’s Guardian at Canada’s Wonderland we all knew that another dark ride from Cedar Fair and Trio-Tech was imminent, and as it turns out that next dark ride is going to Knott’s.


Today, Knott’s Berry Farm pulled the covers off of their all new, interactive dark ride called Voyage to the Iron Reef. Using similar technology and ride systems to that of Wonder Mountain’s Guardian at Canada’s Wonderland, this incarnation of the “21st century dark ride” features the now omnipresent 3D animation on 11 high resolution screens as well as the often overlooked practical sets that made dark rides into what they are today, Voyage of the Iron Reef combines the best elements of previous dark rides into what is sure to be another home run for Knotts Berry Farm.


Now a dark ride is nothing without a story, and this one proves very unique and equally intriguing. Riders will board submarine themed vehicles and travel along 600ft of coaster track while battling the Queen of the Kraken and her aquatic army, who after feeding on the park’s attractions have turned into steam-punk style mechanical monsters that are on a rampage devouring the park!


Voyage to the Iron Reef is currently under construction in the old, much talked about, Kingdom of the Dinosaurs building in the recently renovated Boardwalk section of the park, and looks to fit in with the themed quite nicely. In fact, the classic “Roaring 20s” sign that avid park fans have grown to love which is being removed for this attraction is being integrated into the animation as an “easter egg” and will light up after being shot. I’m so pleased to hear that Knott’s Berry Farm is recognizing the importance of their history and how much it means to their guests to see that history preserved.


Knott’s Berry Farm has always had a history of providing attractions that can be enjoyed by the whole family, and after the revitalization of the Timber Mountain Log Ride and the Calico Mine Ride, Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet is working hard to bring the park back to it’s roots by pouring money into the aspects of the park that gained Knott’s its core following, (such as the theming and dark rides both old and new.) Given my personal experiences with Wonder Mountain’s Guardian, I am ecstatic about this announcement and can’t wait to see how the ride concept evolves from the our park to theirs. Voyage to the Iron Reef is sure to be an must-ride for new and returning park visitors alike, and brings a new dark ride into Knott’s Berry Farm’s portfolio of classics.


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