Colossus at SFMM Ignites Amid Drought

Let’s be honest, we’ve all thought about doing it to one wooden coaster, but it looks like “Mother Nature” did what we could never do: set a wooden coaster on fire.

At roughly 1:30pm on Monday, September 8th the top of the lift structure on Six Flags Magic Mountain’s classic wooden coaster Colossus caught fire. The inferno raged on burning the top section of the lift to a crisp before firefighters were able to get it under control, with the fire being declared out at 2:12pm. Eventually, with weakened structural integrity and under heavy pressure from water streams the peak collapsed, leaving a massive crevasse where the top of the lift for both tracks once was. The park was closed and nobody was injured. KTLA has more on the situation as well as aerial footage of the scene.

This turn of events leaves many questions unanswered, primarily “How will this affect the transformation into Twisted Colossus?” With the weakened structural integrity of the lift we can either expect to see it filled in with new wood, or a possible tear down of the entire structure to be rebuilt to better support the new track. Some enthusiasts are hoping that this route is taken, as it will allow for a visually striking lift ala Goliath and Six Flags Great America. More on this story as it develops.


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