Laff Trakk Spinning Riders at HersheyPark in 2015

With one of the most convoluted names in coaster history, Laff Trakk will bring classic fun-house elements and modern family thrills to Hersheypark next season.

© Hersheypark

© Hersheypark

Laff Trakk is being deemed, the first indoor “glow coaster” in the United States as parks continue to come up whatever superlative they can to bring headlines. The layout looks to be a classic Maurer Sohne Xtended SC 2000 spinning coaster that we’ve seen many times at parks like Lagoon, Waldameer, and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with numerous added funhouse effects added by New York based theming firm Raven Sun.


The first ride that comes to mind when comparing Laff Trakk to other attractions is Crush’s Coaster at Walt Disney Studios in Paris, as both are indoor Maurer Sohne spinning coasters with black light theming elements. As a theme park fan I’m happy HersheyPark took this route with Laff Trakk, as rides that blur the line between themed attractions and family thrill rides ala Wonder Mountain’s Guardian and Verbolten.


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