Flight Deck Getting New Paint, Maybe a New Name

California’s Great America might have 49er-fever.

© California’s Great America Twitter

Months ago, I got a tip from an un-named source that California’s Great America’s inverted coaster Flight Deck ride would be getting repainted and be receiving a new name; Touchdown. Fast-forward to now, Screamscape reported that the ride is being repainted. Now the park has released the picture above of new red paint currently being applied to the track. Looks like that source had the scoop.

This re-theme would entail removing all remaining Top Gun theme elements from the Paramount era, and repainting the coaster with San Francisco 49ers colours, as well as the new name. At the time of the report I personally found it hard to believe, but with this I believe that the 49-er tie-in has been green-lit and is coming soon.

Now, for any of you who listen to the Season Pass Podcast, you may have listened to episode 229 where the CEO of Cedar Fair Matt Ouimet was interviewed. With the owner/producer of the podcast Doug Barnes living in the bay area, you could only expect CGA to come up and the new football stadium currently under construction on former park land.

“I think having an amusement park directly next to an NHL has got to have some creative energy associated with it”

“We have a good relationship with the 49ers… We’re going to continue to invest in that park.”

“I’m hopeful, and I know the 49ers are that we become the place to be before the game, after the game…”

Personally, I’m still somewhat skeptical on the name, but the tie-in with the nearby football team is definitely evident. I really hope that this, combined with Gold Striker gets the park back on the right track, and as Mr. Ouimet has stated, (and implied,) this park has huge potential.

One thought on “Flight Deck Getting New Paint, Maybe a New Name

  1. I hate the idea of removing the Top Gun theme completely. It was always so fun.

    The paint job is progressing quickly. I work across the street and can see from my window. First drop, loop and turn are all primered with red being applied to part of that turn as of this afternoon. Lifthill is still black.

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