GCI Brings Big News and Bold Ideas at IAAPA 2013

As IAAPA Attractions Expo 2013 kicks off, it’s only to be expected that a handful of manufacturers would have some announcements for the press, and the first is certainly quite the story. Great Coasters International, one of the world’s current top makers of wooden coasters unveiled another daring new concept, as well as new trains, and their biggest coaster ever.

GCI Logo

First off, Mini Millennium Flyer trains will be making their way down south; to Coastersaurus at Legoland Florida. The coaster has been critiqued for not providing the smoothest ride, and these new trains should do the trick. GCI has always done a good job in providing aging and rough coasters with their popular Millennium Flyer trains, and this trend shows no sign of stopping.

Next, like last year’s Backtrack wooden shuttle coaster, GCI has a concept animation for a wooden coaster with, get this; twisting and reversing coaster called Switchback. The concept features two sections of track that stop the train, and turn the train slightly to the side so that when it’s pushed back off, it’s going the opposite direction!

Finally, in what might be the biggest, but least relevant news to us; GCI is building their tallest, longest, and fastest coaster ever! At a kilometer and a half long, it looks to be quite a ride. The interesting thing to me is that this is just another coaster out of many being constructed in the ever growing Chinese market, which face it, most of us will never get to visit. 😦 It’s nice to dream though.



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