Ontario Place’s Topsy Turvy is GONE

You heard it here first folks: the slide is GONE!


Yes, you are looking at a water-slide tower, but one major component of that tower is missing: the brand new, never opened Proslide Topsy Turvy! Planned to be opened in 2012, the slide never came to see operation as the park never opened for the 2012 season, and remains closed to this day. If you can get past the flag, you can see the cylindrical pillars that were the base for the ride’s support structure.


As you can see in this sadly blurry photo I took with my phone from my car this spring, (no, I was not driving,) the slide should have been easily visible with it’s distinct funnels and bright colours.


Rumors point towards the slide being bought by local theme park giant Canada’s Wonderland to be added to the park’s waterpark Splash Works in the near future, as hinted to by this photo captured by website user Nuance84. Text posts have said that red slide pieces have arrived on site, but there are currently no pictures to confirm this. (If you happen to pass Wonderland soon and can snap some pics, please send them our way!)

Overall, returning to the site of the shuttered park was a sad memorial of lost times. This was a park I went to as a kid, before I knew parks like Wonderland even existed. It was a cheap little day-trip, full of fun in an amazing location rivaling what Cedar Point has to brag about. I really do think it’s a shame that the park closed, and although there are efforts being made to revitalize the location, reopening any sort of amusement enterprise is pretty much out of the question.



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