Freestyle Music Park Attractions Up For Sale

A part of Freestyle Music Park just might be coming to a park near you.


In what is arguably the biggest, and most lucrative used ride sale ever, the attractions for Freestyle Music Park are up for grabs, as detailed by their posting on sales site This is all thanks to the sadly short life of Hard Rock Park which was only open for one season before the rebranding as Freestyle Music Park, which only lasted one additional season. Rides up for sale include the B&M sitdown coaster Time Machine, the custom Premier coaster with the “ferris wheel lift” Roundabout, as well as the “family” coasters and several flat rides.


This news comes after months of rumors that the flagship attractions, the B&M sit down coaster Time Machine/Led Zeppelin might be heading to the new Kentucky Kingdom, or a park in China. This however dispels those rumors as at this point it’s anyone’s game on who gets their hands on this precious coaster. Personally, I’ve got my bets on some smaller parks like Waldameer picking up the flat rides/family coasters. As for the big ticket items, Kentucky Kingdom is still an option, although the opening of the park is rapidly approaching.


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