The Bat Flies Once Again at Kings Island

Well, so much for “off-season speculation.” The park let the cat out of the bag a little early…



So it turns out that the leaked logo back in July did mean something, as the park’s Arrow suspended coaster is getting a new name and some fresh paint for next season as it will be reincarnated as The Bat, a throwback to the prototype Arrow suspended coaster from the 80s of the same name that suffered from poor structural engineering.



The currently blue and grey coaster will get some much needed love and elbow grease, and will sport an orange track, with  different shades of grey for the supports. The trains will also be repainted, and will be sleek and shiny in black.



Now I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that this is a great thing that I wish more parks would do. It’s just a little capital to refresh an older ride, and warm the hearts of enthusiasts and park veterans alike that miss the old ride and logo. I personally wish that Canada’s Wonderland would implement the new logo on it’s Bat coaster, (a Vekoma Boomerang.) Either way, with this combined with what is looking to be an amazing coaster in Banshee, Kings Island will be an “it” park to check out in 2014.


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