Flying Turns at Knoebels is Finally Open!

Well, it’s about time.

After years of misfortune, construction problems, and many many other complications, Flying Turns has finally opened it’s gates to the public.

The public and enthusiasts alike turned out by the thousands to experience this one-of-a-kind classic bobsled coaster. The park began construction on this ambitious project way back in 2006, and has persevered through thick and thin, including redesigning the coaster’s trains in order to bring this unique attraction to guests.

Due to the nature of the ride, riders are actually weighed in the station, and can not exceed 400 lbs per car. Then after being seated in the custom trains, are in for the ride of a life-time. (Sorry this video is from the testing of the ride, can’t find any legal ones from opening.)

Congratulations to Knoebels for baring with the ride and finally bringing such a unique ride to the public, and we hope your guests are just as thrilled as you are to finally ride it!


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