My Thoughts on Goliath Coming to Six Flags Great America

Back in August we were all up in a fuss over everyone who’s anyone in the industry announcing their 2014 plans, from Cedar Fair, to Hershcend’s properties, to Six Flags. Now the one coaster that I’m on the fence about is Goliath, coming in 2014 to Six Flags Great America.


For starters, don’t get me wrong, I think this is an excellent addition to the park, and looks like a ride that the locals will adore. However, I don’t feel that it really stacks up with it’s predecessor Outlaw Run, or the other major attractions being introduced in 2014.


As for the specs for the ride, they’re impressive. The tallest drop at 180ft, the steepest drop at 85 degrees, and a top speed of 72mph are all quite significant and should be noted by enthusiasts, but to me it’s the overall experience just looks lacking. The coaster will be shoehorned into Iron Wolf’s old plot in the park, and after measuring, is no larger than SkyRider at CW, or even most Batman The Ride clones. Just the fact that it’ll be so precariously crammed in with so many narrow supports and constant turnarounds. Which leads me to my next point: this ride looks short, like you’ll go from lift to station in a matter of seconds, (and people were complaining about Outlaw Run feeling short.)

Goliath SFGAm Drop

Also, after watching some rendered POVs, some of the elements look just, un-natural. Now I’ll be optimistic about this until it opens, but the over-banked turns actually remind me of Arrow coasters with their “sinking” motions that I’ve grown to hate, and the second inversion looks downright odd, (although one could argue that’s the same with Outlaw Run and it’s first inversion.)

In the end, it’s all a matter of personal opinion, and keep in mind that this is all to be taken with a grain of salt, as the attaction has yet to open and these are just my opinions based off of numbers and Youtube. Yes, I think it’s good we’re getting back to breaking real records when it comes to height and speed, but to me this feels like Six Flags said, “Let’s take the hits of Outlaw Run, and cram it into a tiny space.” Don’t worry though, when this thing opens, I can see myself making the trip down to Chicago to try it out for myself. (Stay tuned to see if my plans come to fruition!)





2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Goliath Coming to Six Flags Great America

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you – the ride just LOOKS short (And I thought El Toro was short).

    While “tallest and / or fastest” is easy to market – I imagine even the GP will be saying, “Wow – that was short for a 60 minute+ wait.” A ride on V2 is longer in duration…

    Now, you go to Mexico and see “Medusa Steel Coaster” – and that’s a perfect example of how RMC can make an amazing coaster without sacrificing length or making it incredibly tall.

    • I can’t wait for Medusa-Steel Coaster. I just wish somebody else would jump on-board and and bring the Iron Horse treatment to parks besides Six Flags. Maybe they have a legal agreement with RMC.

      Hopefully Lake Monster sees the light of day at Darien Lake, I really had my hopes up after seeing the survey. From what I’ve heard Predator is torture, and seeing some RMC close to home might just be enough to drag me to Darien.

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