Wonder Mountain’s Guardian to Take Guests Into the Mountain in 2014

Oh yes indeed coaster fans, it’s the announcement you’ve all been waiting for.


Whether or not Canada’s Wonderland is your home park, coaster geeks and theme park fans are going nuts for the just announced interactive dark ride Wonder Mountain’s Guardian, coming to Canada’s Wonderland in 2014. Little details are known regarding the dark ride experience, but the press release has still given us much to be excited about.

Wonder Mountain’s Guardian begins with a perilous climb up the side of Wonder Mountain then plummets into its core traveling through five different layers of this dimensional world. Riders will encounter mythical creatures as they navigate 1,000 feet of coaster track through a desolate forest, underground lake and Draconian City. The quest culminates as riders enter the dragon’s lair for the ultimate battle with a heart stopping finale that will shock thrill seekers of all ages.


The key points to latch onto about this attraction, is that first off it isn’t just a dark ride. After departing the station, you’ll make a 60ft climb outside of the mountain on a coaster-style lift hill, then you’ll drop back into the mountain, and then go into the dark ride section. After interacting with what is confirmed to be the world’s longest video screen in a dark ride, you’ll experience the “heart stopping finale,” which leaves us to speculate what in the world this grand finale will be, (my bets are on another small coaster segment, free-fall drop segment ala Verbolten, or a dragon animatronic that I can hope, will breathe fire.) An ACE correspondent has said via Facebook that it will cost around $10 million.

The interactive elements will be produced by Canadian company TrioTech, while after many chats with my coaster geek friends it has been decided that they are not the ones producing the track, or recent partner Zamperla. Some have guessed that it may be in house, or from another major manufacturer in the sector.


Photo From BlooLoop


A dark ride has been speculated to be coming to Cedar Point for a little while now, with many hints being dropped by company employees, and even the CEO that a dark ride is an area of interest. Many presumed that company flagship Cedar Point would get the dark ride, but that became unlikely when all factors were accounted for. Then, when park guests at Canada’s Wonderland spotted holes in Wonder Mountain, fueling speculation that we would be receiving a new attraction, inside the mountain, enthusiasts brought back the dark ride idea. Now, we are very pleased to hear that it’s at our home park of Canada’s Wonderland. I’m sure construction photos and hints on what the indoor portion will be like will be very valuable throughout the winter, so follow us here at PureCoaster to keep up on the latest with Wonder Mountain’s Guardian, all the way up to the grand opening in May 2014.


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