Six Flags Bringing Big Things for 2014

Well, it’s coaster geek Christmas and that means one of the biggest presents of the year: the company-wide Six Flags announcement!


2014 is going to be a year unlike any other, with plenty of intense, record-breaking attractions, as well as counterbalancing family oriented attractions. Here’s the breakdown of what’s-what at Six Flags parks next season.

The Best:

Goliath @ Six Flags Great America

After the success of Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City, it looks like Six Flags is looking to join the game of looping, classic wooden coasters. Goliath will stand on the plot formerly taken up by Iron Wolf. Living up to the name, Goliath will be the tallest, steepest, and the fastest wooden coaster in the world, and will also feature two inversions, including the  first ever dive loop on a wooden coaster. As one of Rocky Mountain Construction’s latest creations, we have high hopes for how this will turn out.


Medusa: Steel Coaster

Despite the somewhat lack-luster name, the reincarnated Medusa: Steel Coaster is an Iron Horse remake of the park’s wooden coaster that closed earlier this season. Few specifics have been released, but the promotional video shows an inverting drop ala The Smiler, and multiple overbanked turns and inversions. Hopefully it gets critically recieved like the other I-Box track coasters, and doesn’t get caught up in the drama caused by the accident at Six Flags Over Texas.


Zumanjaro Drop of Doom @ Six Flags Great Adventure

It’s been long rumored, and it’s finally going to happen, Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom will be the worlds tallest vertical drop ride at 415 feet. Built on the Kingda Ka tower, it will drop riders at 90 miles an hour, even beating out last year’s 400 foot Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom at SFMM. Sadly, as many predicted, the park’s classic wooden coaster Rolling Thunder will cease operation and be demolished. Your last chance to ride will be September 8th, before it bites the dust.


New England Sky Screamer @ Six Flags New England

Despite the fact that we all got riled up over this last year, only to be disappointed, I’m elated to find out that this whopping 400 feet Sky Screamer is finally coming, and will bring some much needed height to the park’s current skyline.


Mardi Gras @ Six Flags America

After being neglected for so many years, many of us thought that it might take the path California’s Great America almost did, but like CGA it’s getting it’s fair share of improvements now, and the new Mardi Gras area is just that. With the Ragin Cajun spinning mouse from Six Flags Great America, and a new flying scooters called French Quarter Flyers. Well, it’s better than nothing, but we were all hoping for an actual, new coaster instead of another relocation.

RaginCajun 50

Hurricane Harbor @ Six Flags Over Georgia

Personally, I’m a fan of in-park water parks, that is if they’re good. By building a new one, from the ground up Six Flags Over Georgia has the possibility to become an excellent destination park with both the amusement park and waterpark included in admission. All we know right is that there will be a massive 800 000 gallon wave pool, and multiple water slide towers, with the probable inclusion of Proslide Tornado Wave, and Behemoth Bowl slides as well as standard body and tube slides.


The Rest:

Kids Area Expansion and Backwards Coasters @Six Flags Magic Mountain

Starting at the top, Batman The Ride and the duelling woodie Colossus will both be running backwards next year. I can safely assume that the Batman chassis’ are the ones from Six Flags Great America, and they are being rotated around, and like Great America, this is for a limited run. Additionally, the kids area will get some attention, and in what I think is overkill, the park’s 4th kiddie coaster, giving the park a coaster count of 19, (15 if you don’t count all of those kiddie coasters!)


Tsunami Soaker @ Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

After the apparent success of Aqua Twist, which debuted at La Ronde this season, Six Flags has invested in two more of the spinning, water tea-cup ride, while giving them more intimidating names. By merging interactivity, and refreshing water splashes, it will bring a much needed way to cool down to these parks.

main_TsunamiSoaker (1)

Extreme Supernova @ Great Escape

A classic frisbee is coming to Great Escape, this one being called Extreme Supernova. With a swing height of 50ft, it brings more modern thrills to the park.


Demon @ La Ronde

An amusement park staple is making it’s way to La Ronde, Demon is a top spin, but with the independent arms that can force the ride vehicle to pivot diagonally mid-ride. Props to the kind-of retro name.


Kids Area Expansion @ Six Flags Over Texas

This is where things get surprisingly secretive. All we really know is the kids area is being expanded, not what rides are coming, going, staying or the theme. Additionally, it states that a new waterslide is coming, but we don’t know anything about that either.


Capsule Drop Slides @ Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and Six Flags Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor

Following the current trend of big coasters, then flat and family rides, comes the obligatory water rides. No details on whether the design will be the one by Proslide, or the new design currently at Six Flags America and Six Flags New England. Bahama Blaster will be coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, with Bonzai Pipelines coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor.


That wraps up Six Flags’ 2014 announcement. Be sure to stay tuned for future posts, that will go more in-depth about the new coasters and other big news from this announcement. The President of the chain appeared in a video, as per the norm, announcing these attractions, and can be found here:


2 thoughts on “Six Flags Bringing Big Things for 2014

  1. I think that Goliath looks awesome, but wouldn’t it be nice to see a new name?
    I agree, a fourth kiddy coaster for Magic Mountain is overkill. Despite the park having soon to be 19 roller coasters, Cedar Point and Canada’s still Wonderland make the better parks.

    • So many of use were hoping to see a different name for Goliath, and you would think it would throw people off with so many different types of rides sharing a name?

      Magic Mountain definitely has a way to go on overall quality and guest experience compared to the top notch Cedar Fair parks, but that’s just what sets them apart.

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