New Family Rides for Cedar Point in 2014

Cedar Point, and the Faile family have pushed out the park’s plans for 2014, and their far from the glamour of Gatekeeper.

In a Youtube Video featuring contest winners the Faile family, plans to revitalize the Gemini midway and add two new family rides were unveiled. A Flying Scooters attraction, with the name Lake Erie Eagles, and an extended version of the “Disk-o” flat ride called Pipe Scream will be added, whilst older attractions like the bumper boats and the two “circulars” will be removed for this renovation. The Frog Hopper will be relocated and renamed Woodstock’s Airmail, and Jr. Gemini will be renamed Wilderness Run, and will have it’s entrance relocated to inside of Camp Snoopy.

Cedar Point 2014 Gemini Midway

Overall, this is a welcome addition to the park, and I’m glad to see this part of the park get attention. During my previous trip to the park, I noticed this area felt old, and relatively boring. This revitalization will bring life and color into the Gemini midway, and the new rides will bring much needed height and kinetics to the path.


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