$50 Million Expansion for Carowinds

Cedar Fair is putting their new land to good use.


In a surprise announcement, parent company Cedar Fair announced that they would be pumping $50 million into the park, adding new attractions and concessions in a newly expanded park. Cedar Fair purchased 60 acres of adjacent land a few years ago, and it can be assumed that these areas will be the focus of the expansion. With the added acreage to the park, it will make it the 4th largest park in the chain, with crown jewel Cedar Point at the top. For a video and more coverage, check out http://www.wsoctv.com/

Carowinds Above

There are currently no announced specifics on the expansion, but we know that there will work on both the North, and South Carolina sides, and the C.O.O used the term “record-breaking” in conversations with news outlets. The construction will take place over the next three years, and there will be loads of new jobs. More details will be unveiled in the coming days. Check out the official press release by Cedar Fair at http://cedarfair.com/


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