Heide Park’s Un-Named Wing Coaster

We know the ride, not the name.


Heide Park has formally announced that next season, they will be opening a B&M wing coaster in the Transylvania section of the park. However, they still have yet to unveil the name. The white and grey colour scheme evokes ghostly elements, and the banners’ dreary trees and eerie colours hint at this, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Many thought that the name was “Fakten” based on the wording on top of the webpage listing specs about the ride, but as it turns out fakten means facts in German.


Building on Merin Entertainment’s two other wing coasters, (Swarm and Raptor,) the currently unnamed wing coaster coming to Heide Park next year packs in some cool inversions, as well as their trademark theming. The ride will reach speeds of 100km/hr, and multiple inversions including the ever so popular dive drop, an immelman, and what can only be described as a pretzel loop. The ride is already under construction, with track being put up, with the expected arrival of trains in the rapidly approaching autumn.


Heide Park already has an impressive lineup of coasters, including an Intamin Accelerator called Desert Race, an Intamin Pre-Fab wooden coaster Colossos, and the recently opened Krake B&M Dive coaster.

Check out a fan’s NoLimits animation of what the ride experience should be like once this winged beast is open.


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