Banshee Screeching into Kings Island in 2014

Well the cat’s out of the bag, “or should I say the bat’s out of the cage?”


Let’s just be honest, we all knew it was coming. The footers, “mysterious screams,” not to mention the trademark filed by Cedar Fair for the name a few months ago. Despite knowing so much about the ride, and deciphering what exactly we would be getting next season, I think it’s safe to say I speak for everyone saying that this ride has already wowed us all.


Being the first brand new B&M inverted coaster in the USA since Patriot opened in 2006, not to mention 7 inversions, over 4000ft of track, a top speed of 68mph it also takes the record for the longest inverted coaster in the world! The inversions found in the layout include a dive loop, a vertical loop around the lift hill, a zero-g roll, and a batwing amoung others.

Props to the park for the early announcement, as I was expecting them to drop the bomb later in the month. However, I like how they got the announcement season off to an epic start, and getting us enthusiasts riled up for next season. Banshee marks the biggest capital investment in the park’s history, and is sure to please in 2014.


Sorry that this post is a bit delayed, and there’s been a gap in the posts, I’ve been travelling abroad, (sorry, with the family so no parks.) You have no idea what it’s like to be offline, unable to watch a livestream or even view the content of a major announcement like this!


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