“Lake Monster” Looping Wooden Coaster for Darien Lake in 2014

Darien Lake may finally be getting it’s savior.

Since being picked up under the Herschend Family Entertainment umbrella, (and officially owned by CNL for all you fanboys,) the property has seen few new investments, in fact, post-Six Flags, the park has only seen one new roller coaster; Moto Coaster. (2008) It is this sad history that makes today’s leak so exciting; Screamscape brought a park survey distributed by e-mail to enthusiasts’ attention, as it detailed a looping wooden coaster featuring

  • 3190ft of cutting edge engineering
  • World’s first wooden coaster with a wing over drop
  • Zero-G camelback, hop reversal, suspended corkscrew

lake monster

As per the photos in the promotional material, one might expect this to be an all new wooden coaster, completely separate from the current work being done on Predator, (coincidentally being carried out by RMC as well.) However, I have heard from other sources that this may in fact be a full out replacement of Predator, despite the new trains and track work just done to the ride. On the flip side, this does yield the opportunity for this to be an “Iron Horse” remake ala Iron Rattler, but the promo material would argue othewise. It only makes sense that given the popularity of Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City, the pride and joy of the Herschend chain, this will probably be another Rocky Mountain Construction build.

My first reaction, “Screams like a teenaged girl” This is the coaster we’ve been waiting for! In my years of being a coaster enthusiast,  I have never been really excited about Darien Lake, and now I finally have a real reason to make the trek out there! Having a world class coaster like this within a few hours drive from Toronto is the thing that will put Darien Lake on the map again, on a nation-wide scale. (Well, both nations I guess.)

darien lake

Darien Lake is an amusement park in upstate New York, with a theme park, water park, campground and hotel. The theme park portion features popular roller coasters like Ride of Steel and Viper, and recently opened Blast Off and Ignite the Night for the 2013 season.


One thought on ““Lake Monster” Looping Wooden Coaster for Darien Lake in 2014

  1. 6 years? We’ve waited 15!! Motocoaster doesn’t count ; ). I never tire of ride of steel, but it’s not enough to get me to darien yearly. Also you remind me, I need to get back to wonderland soon. Haven’t been since long before CF injected serious blood.

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