New Life for Kentucky Kingdom

It’s finally official folks; Kentucky Kingdom is making a comeback.

Kentucky Kingdom Logo

In a press conference yesterday, Ed Hart has finalized all details with the state fair board in order to get the park ready to reopen for the 2014 season. Not only will classic attractions such as Thunder Run, Giant Wheel, Mile High Falls, and the river rapids ride be returning, but the main draw for 2014 will be a expansion to the waterpark, effectively doubling it’s size. Three new slide complexes,  a 12 000 square foot wave lagoon, as well as an “action river,” which is described as a lazy river on steroids will all be making their debut next year.


Also debuting in 2014, will be the park’s first new roller coaster in nearly 2 decades. While originally state to be by B&M, the company behind the park’s previous anchor attraction Chang, the current statement details a $7 million coaster.

Mr Hart also goes into detail on future plans for the park, explaining that in 2015, the park’s SLC will be returning after a substantial makeover. Additionally, to much delight by enthusiasts, the park’s dueling wooden coaster Twisted Twins will be open once again after a substantial renovation, (can you say RMC?) As per the lease agreement, capital will be invested into the park on a yearly basis for as many as 70 years into the future.

A brand new website has been launched, with more information and updates about the park. Kentucky Kingdom will be open to guests May 24th, 2014.


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