WhiteWater “AquaSphere” Coming Soon to Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus’s next waterslide may be closer than you think, with giant soccer balls on the side.

In an article by the Globe and Mail, detailing Canada’s involvement in the waterpark industry, a conversation between waterslide manufacturer WhiteWater West and Mount Olympus owner Nick Liskaris is mentioned. The article fails to devilver specific details, but the one thing I managed to latch onto, is the concept of “a giant orb” for a future slide.

Still, Liskaris was astonished when Whitewater West flew six guys down from Vancouver to quiz him about his deepest water-park fantasies.“I told them a few of my corny ideas,” Liskaris says, “and maybe they’ll build some of them.”

Whitewater being Whitewater, maybe they will. In late April it was Geoff Chutter’s turn to drop in on Liskaris. “We’ve been sketching something out,” Whitewater’s founder and majority owner says. Chutter can’t talk in detail about what he’s showing Liskaris because of, well, those 20 competing water parks. He can say that it involves a giant orb.

Globe and Mail

Originally I was picturing a Tornado slide mixed with a bowl, but today, when News Plus Notes publicized that WhiteWater has a new slide concept called “AquaSphere,” I finally connected the dots.


As described by WhiteWater West,  “Riders are then injected into 16 foot (5m) spheres where they bank around 90 degree corners and experience extreme oscillation” Sounds like fun to me!

If anything, this has to be the “corny idea” Liskaris was talking about. And given the park’s relationship with WhiteWater and the fierce waterpark industry in Wisconsin Dells, it is almost a given that we will see this concept deployed at Mount Olympus in the near future.


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