Iron Rattler First Impressions

ir 2Rocky Mountain Construction hit a home run two years ago with the iron horse remake of the classic wooden coaster the Texas Giant, and Six Flags contracted them to do it again, this time with the ageing Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

The result; Iron Rattler “A twisting coil of thrills at 70mph.” This innovative coaster ultilizes the quarry landscape like it’s predessor couldn’t, with four overbanked curves, a barrel roll, and a layout that twists and turns, diving in and out of the quarry pit creating a truly unique coaster experience.

Sadly, I couldn’t be there to review it, but let’s see what industry experts had to say about Iron Rattler

Though a little on the short side, this ride does not let up the pace the entire time and is absolutely incredible. Easily in my personal Top 5.  Theme Park Overload

So it all sounds great and it is, but still something doesn’t feel right – at least not as right as everything feels on Outlaw Run. I guess it’s the pacing that’s off a bit or something, but Outlaw Run just flows so naturally and this one seems a bit forced. Still a great coaster and a very fun ride that I could re-ride over and over again. -East Coaster General CoasterForce

For people who love roller coasters (that’d be me, and since you are reading my review, I’d imagine that’d be you as well), intense in a good way is a good thing, and Iron Rattler is loaded with intense, very good things. …. There is no shudder, no shimmying, no screeching, no herky-jerky, bruising body blows. No nothing but a wonderful (if intense in a good way) ride.- Arthur Levine  About Theme Parks

ImageRMC cleary has a winner in this coaster, and here’s to many more amazing rides from them in the future. Many suspect that Colossus at SFMM, Boss at SFSL, or even Mean Streak at CP may be next in line to get a makeover. So fingers crossed for more Rocky Mountain Construction epicness coming soon, to a park near you.

CoasterForce also got a great interview with one of the creators of the amazing new ride.

Photos by East Coaster General for CoasterForce


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