A Windy Day at The Parks: CW Trip Report

Happy Mothers Day! As always, I made the trek up to my home park with my Mother as our little tradition.What I expected to be a great day at Canada’s Wonderland took a turn for the worse the second I reached the front gate; Leviathan had valleyed. During morning test runs, the high winds and cold temperatures caused a train to valley before the hammerhead turn.


Welcome to the park!


The first thing most enthusiasts local to the park are on the fence about is the repainted fountain pool. With the new fountains mentioned in Rumor: Updated Fountains at Canada’s Wonderland.


These giant nozzles clustered around the centre fountains are assumed to be used in the park’s Snoopy Starlight Spectacular. I personally can’t wait to see how these work and enhance the already cool fountains.


Since Leviathan was down, we decided to head out to Behemoth for a few rides. It was running great, but sitting in the front row, wearing a loose wind breaker  and putting your arms up is NOT a good idea. The wind breaker was whipping in the wind and I swear I thought it was going to rip!



Now, I understand we can’t gripe about anything and everything wrong in a park, but Behemoth is showing it’s age. The paint on the track is really worn out where the wheels make contact, and the entrance stairs are really wearing down.



I know that Behemoth was the first to feature B&M’s new staggered train design, but I wonder what forced the redesigned zero car?


Time Warp got repainted in the off-season, it really shines now, compared to the faded teal, yellow, and pale blue from before.



Sledge Hammer was down, again. I did manage to get one solid ride in last Fall, but I guess there is still work to be done. It’s nice to see the park persist and not give up on this truly unique attraction, but I really do wish they could get it operational again.


Windseeker wasn’t running, (they blamed it on high winds, go figure!) But we did find the evac. platform right behind Coasters. In fact, the park was kind enough to leave the gate open so everyone could see it!


Speaking of Coasters, do you notice anything different about it?


I don’t know if it was just because it was Spring, or if they were in rehab, but the vintage cars weren’t there!


New for 2013, the park now sells BeaverTails, (which for those of you who don’t know are big deep fried “beaver tails” served with toppings on them like chocolate, apples and caramel, sugar, etc.) We took this photo early in the morning before it opened.


After making the trek across the park, we stopped for Lunch at the Marketplace International Buffet. For the first time to my knowledge, the park gave out Mothers Day coupons at the gate, with multiple buy-one-get-one-free offers, 1/2 off brunch at the buffet, and a free Starbucks Tall coffee! I’m not sure if this is corporate influence, or if someone at the park actually suggested this, but it makes me very proud to call this my home park! Some ride ops even wished riders “Happy Mothers Day” after the ride cycle!


Anywho, after lunch I dragged my family back to ZoomZone to check out the now Silver, Silver Streak.


After that we made our way back to the front of the park, and upon exiting we saw crews working on taking Leviathan’s cars off of the track. It makes sense, they wouldn’t drag the train through such a lengthy and high course.

IMG_2785 IMG_2783

And after thinking my experience with valleys was done for today, I get home and log onto Twitter to spread word of Leviathan valleying, and what do I see making headlines? Maverick and Millennium Force valleyed as well! I guess Cedar Point’s proximity to CW gave them similar weather conditions today.

Photo by CoasterFusion

Media preview

Photo by OTG Apps

Overall; a great day at Wonderland, sad day for both CW and CP. But I got a good kick out of this tweet from the park, guess they didn’t really want me to get that ride after all?



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