Smiler to Eclipse World Record with 14 Inversions

We’re nearing the our great speculation journey. Alton Towers has an long reputation of teasing their new coasters, but SW7 (now known as The Smiler,) has had many fascinating secrets kept from us, but the last and greatest secret has stayed secret, until now.

Alton Towers has officially come out saying that The Smiler will in fact have a world record 14 inversions. Including a cobra roll, batwing, two inverting drops, and a sea-serpent roll.

Alton Towers has also released footage of The Smiler testing, but note how this only includes the outdoor sections, as Alton Towers has yet to reveal exactly what will go on inside of the building, directly before and after the station. Many presume we will see an indoor  heartline roll, after turning out of the station before the first lift.

What was already shaping up to be a great coaster set to revolutionize the market, is now one with a place in the record books.


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