Eejanaika: The Original Yolo-Coaster

While Six Flags Magic Mountain’s 2013 roller coaster Full Throttle may have the enthusiast community buzzing about “yolo coaster,” allow me to bring to your attention, the first real yolo-coaster, Eejanaika.

I learned this after I struck up a friendly conversation with a non-enthusiast who was born and raised in Japan, and I got to asking him what the translation of the ride names at Fuji-Q were. (Turns out Takabisha means “big drop” taka meaning big.” When I brought up Eejanaika, he had to think for a bit, but then responded with “Why not do” Okay, it isn’t directly translated to yolo, but face it, yolo basically means: why not.

File:Eejanaika coaster FujiQ 1024.jpg

Yeah, I know this isn’t really the most glamorous news story, but I thought it was a really interesting fact, and it just goes to show, that only in Japan, they will call their rides “Yolo.”

Eejanaika is an S&S 4D roller coaster located at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan, and was built with a similar layout to X at SFMM.


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