Outlaw Run First Impressions

After the tragedy that was Son of Beast, people thought we wouldn’t see inversions on a wooden coaster anymore. Outlaw Run is here, and now open, to prove them wrong.

Now, for those of you who just woke up from your winter hibernation, here’s a quick run-down of Outlaw Run’s layout.

The lift hill stands at 107ft tall, and the 162ft long 81 degree drop is the steepest on any wooden coaster. After speeding down the hill, the train goes through the one-of-a-kind “outside banked turn,” where riders are forced outside and upside down, before twisting out in the opposite direction to complete the turn. After that, the coaster whips through a series of overbanked turns, drops, and hills, before bringing you to the crown jewel of the coaster; the unprecedented double barrel roll. After going upside down three times, and racing at 68 mph, you end up back at the station.outlaw run 1

Outlaw Run is a product of Rocky Mountain Construction, the same group behind the smash hit hybrid coaster New Texas Giant, and the near complete Iron Rattler. However, Outlaw Run is the company’s very first all wood project, designed and built by them.

Now, I’ve done my research, and almost every coaster blog worth reading places this as the most anticipated coaster of 2013. Lets see if the early reviews live up to all that hype;

Outlaw Run is amazing! It packs more action into each foot of track than I think almost any other roller coaster in the world! It’s like the “Batman” of wooden roller coasters! From the first drop to the brake run, the coaster does not let up! -Robb Alvey, Theme Park Review

The coaster is very intense, but smooth as it weaves and winds its way through the trees and landscape of Silver Dollar City. -CoasterRoyalty, Coasternet

All in all, it really was a fantastic ride. I had some doubts, but those were erased after a few laps on it. I personally loved the front row best but the back row doesn’t lag far behind. If you want something unique, different and clearly fantastic, get on this sexy monster as soon as you can. -Snoo, CoasterForce

Overall, Outlaw Run is a coaster that has changed the theme park industry, and wooden coasters will never be the same. Fingers crossed for more great rides like this from Rocky Mountain Construction!

Images by Coasterforce


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