B&M Trains Bestowed Upon Steel Dragon 2000

In a surprise announcement, Nagashima Spa land has gone public on the purchase and installation of B&M trains, on their world record holding coaster Steel Dragon 2000.

Build by Morgan, and opened in 2000, it currently holds the record for the world’s longest roller coaster. However, there have been many maintenance issues with the ride lately. The solution; new trains from the best in theĀ business. AKA: B&M

B&M’s hyper coasters, and now giga coaster, have strong reputations for smooth, enjoyable rides. Why wouldn’t the park go to B&M for trains? Of course, B&M couldn’t just slap standard trains on Steel Dragon 2K, after all, they didn’t make it, and therefore the track is differently designed. These trains are only 2 across, but each car is 2 rows deep, with the standard clamshell restraint enthusiasts rave about. However, due to the intense nature of the ride, these trains have seatbelts, and leg restraints as well, creating a more restrictive feel.

Check out this Youtube video for lots of photos of the “New Steel Dragon”


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