Gatekeeper Complete and Trains Update

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Already?”

On February 27th 2013, work crews bolted in the very last piece of Gatekeeper’s track. Although this isn’t actually an early completion for track work, as Leviathan finished at the same time last year, the lack of competition this year makes Gatekeeper really stand out.

gatekeeper done

Cedar Point shot this video documenting the event in the coaster’s construction.

If Leviathan’s construction timeline is anything to make note of, then Gatekeeper should be doing test runs in the next few weeks.

Test runs, what does that require? Trains.

Cedar Point’s official blog OnPoint made a post detailing the status of the trains for Gatekeeper. Overall, the train shown in the press photos looked quite different from what we saw in the rendering, as it actually resembled the trains from X-Flight at Six Flags Great America.

gatekeeper train 1 gatekeeper train 2

Overall, it’s a welcome sign that things are on track at the Point, and I can’t wait to get down to Ohio to check out this beast of a coaster.


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