Theme Parks Do the Harlem Shake!

Just like lip dubs last year, the amusement industry is now hooked on doing the Harlem Shake. Even though it’s the off season, a few parks have already jumped on the bandwagon, and made videos set to the popular song.

Dorney Park made a video, set in the Steel Force station. It starts of like a normal dispatch procedure, but things quickly get out of control.

For a nice contrast, some Six Flags Fiesta Texas employees made one in the quarry pit, with Iron Rattler under construction in the background.

Update: SeaWorld San Antonion has joined the party, with a video featuring live animals to build up hype for the upcoming opening, when the park will reopen to guests daily, instead of just on the weekends.

Six Flags Great America’s video continues this trend, this time having the video set in the maintanence shop.

Overall, it’s nice to see parks staying on top of what’s hot, and using social media to the fullest.


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