California’s Great America Update

IMG_20130204_135917_134A good source has provided us with another great update from California’s Great America, this has a great construction update on Gold Striker, and a rumour regarding the park’s Action Theatre. Let’s get started!

File:SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D Ride poster.jpgFirst up, a rumour regarding the park’s Action Theatre. The Spongebob 4D movie currently being shown is almost a decade old, and rumours hint at a White Water Rafting 2D film replacing it. Seeing as it is the last Cedar Fair park to still show the film, with all of the others being replaced by Dinosaurs Alive films, it would only make sense to see a replacement soon. Whether or not the replacement has to do with Dinosaurs Alive like the others do, we don’t know. We’re alo not sure what the possible time frame for the replacement could be, but we’re assuming it could happen as soon as this Summer, or maybe next season.

GoldStriker has been topped off, and the majority of the track work is done. This ride looks like it will be ready to open in the coming months. We have some great pictures from around the park, backstage, and from the Star Tower showing off this beautiful GCI coaster. Thanks CoasterMech! Feel free to click any picture to open a larger version.

IMG_20130128_065326_434 IMG_20130128_072208_925 IMG_20130128_085034 IMG_20130129_083033_349 IMG_20130129_093715_880

IMG_20130129_093805_694 IMG_20130204_125102_380 IMG_20130204_125203_771



As you can see, the circuit is almost complete,with the remaining sections requiring work being the station, and final break run. I can’t wait to see this open, and congratulations to the park for finally getting their well deserved wooden coaster under way!

Also, if you live near or work at any park, PureCoaster is looking for photo correspondants to provide construction and overall park updates! If you are interested, please feel free to contact me at

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