Rumor: Updated Fountains at Canada’s Wonderland

In a recent video featuring the Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet and VP of Planning and Design Rob Decker, at the Clermont Steel Fabricators plant, where Gatekeeper’s track and keyhole elements are fabricated. They talk about the process of creating Gatekeeper, and you also get to see some great shots of B&M track in fabrication.

At 3:19, Matt Ouimet mentions some enhancements to the entrance fountains at Canada’s Wonderland.IMG_0982

We’re going to do some work, as an example on our fountains that are at the Kings parks, Canada’s Wonderland we’re going to start with…

This leads me to think, what are they going to do with the fountains, and will it be for this season? Right now the fountains are stationary, going off at sequenced intervals, but I can see some moving fountains like in World of Color at Disney California Adventure. Think about it, Matt Ouimet has his focus on family attractions, so it would only make sense to make the fountains into something a family can really enjoy, and maybe turn it into a night-time show. Who knows, maybe this is correlated with the Mamba trademark? Probably not, but since we don’t have anything confirmed for it yet, it was worth a shot.

Here’s one of my favourite videos of World of Color, as shot from a fixed-wing aircraft above the park. Maybe we’ll see something like this at a Cedar Fair park near you in the future.

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